Fundamentals Overview

Teaching is a major responsibility for most faculty members. Some faculty members love this aspect of their positions, while others undertake it grudgingly. In many cases, faculty members are forced to rely on their own experience to inform their approach to teaching. Unless they have adopted teaching as an avocation and explored the subject deeply, he or she may have little knowledge or exposure to teaching and learning best practices. Teaching becomes even more of a challenge as faculty members are increasingly being asked to teach online and to continue to adopt to new technologies.

In this section, you will find:

  • A conceptual framework, Interactive Teaching Design, a teaching and learning process especially well-suited for designing effective learning experiences facilitated using online environments.
  • Enhancing the Online Learning Experience is a book in progress that outlines strategies and techniques for creating dynamic and engaging learning experiences for online students.
  • In Role of Technology Enabler, I outline the power and benefits of employing a 'techology enabler' to effectively integrate technology into an organization rather than just train on technology.