D2L Advanced Topics

D2L Bootcamp

As you continue to use D2L, you may find that you want to do more or be more sophisticated in your use of D2L. The topics below are designed to round-out your experience beyond what is covered in the D2L Bootcamp.

Guiding Questions

  • What other features of D2L are available to me?
  • Where can I go to learn more?

What's in this Handbook?

  • Inserting an Image
  • Creating a New Page/File
  • Creating a Checklist
  • The HTML Editor
  • Using Rubrics
  • Using Groups
  • Personalizing Assignments for Students
  • Organizing Your Grade Book
  • Using Weighted Grades
  • Customizing Your Profile
  • Taking Attendance
  • Backing Up Your Course
  • Import Content from Another Course

Download Handbook (2.9 M)