Using Rubrics for Student Assessment

Using Rubrics for Student Assessment

Rubrics can be a powerful tool in the classroom. Not only can they be used to assess student performance, they can be used to clearly communicate requirements to students and to clearly delineate what constitutes excellent work from work that needs improvement.

Guiding Questions

  • What are rubrics?
  • What are the characteristics of a “good” rubric?
  • What tools can I use to create a rubric?
  • What are the best practices for using rubrics?
  • What are strategies for using rubrics in my classroom?
  • How can I use rubrics in my online class (D2L)?
  • Where go can I go for more information?

What's in this Handbook?

  • Exploration – What is a rubric?
  • Overview
    • Types of Rubrics
    • Rubric Design    
  • Check Your Understanding
  • Applying a Rubric
  • Hands On - Creating Rubrics
  • Best Practices
    • Rubric for Rubrics
    • Strategies for Using Rubrics
  • Evaluation – Evaluate a Rubric
  • Using Rubrics in D2L
    • Design a Rubric
    • Set up Rubrics
    • Assigning Rubric to Activity (for dropbox)
    • Assigning Rubric to Discussion
    • Assigning Rubric in Gradebook (for discussions)
    • Grading Dropbox Using a Rubric
    • Grading Discussion Using a Rubric
    • Grading Discussions Using a Rubric - Alternative
  • More Resources
    • Sample Rubrics
      • Discussion Board
      • Semester Long Project – Marketing Plan

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